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The following is feedback and testimonials from previous clients:

"From the moment I met Steve he helped me relax and quickly gave me some information and tools to help myself. He carefully explained the key theories and in the first session we started to explore some deep seated issues through the eye movement therapy. The fact that our sessions were not time constrained was a real benefit as we quickly made progress. I would highly recommend Steve’s coaching and therapy services."
Sally Matthews
"Steve was so welcoming and easy to talk to. I was able to open up about things I had buried for years. After just one session my whole outlook on life has changed. My future is more positive and I only have happy memories now. People have noticed a change in me and it’s all thanks to Steve. Will recommend him to everybody!"
Emily Graupner
"I had never heard of IEMT before I had met Steve, but I am beyond glad that I took the plunge to attend an appointment. He made me feel at ease and safe in the environment and makes a bloody good cup of coffee! Before the appointment there were significant experiences and memories in my life that caused me such pain and regret but with the help of Steve those feelings have lessened an incredible amount. The feelings are still there, but I can appreciate them for what they are, my experiences. I would highly recommend this therapy and life coaching to anyone! I’m currently trying to get my partner to attend too..."
Mollie Charlton
"I saw steve from a Facebook advertisement, I have never considered or known of life coaching before and wasn't really sure what to expect. Steve helped me in many ways as I was going through a devastating break up and still am, I blamed myself for everything I did and said in the past and made myself to be the worst human in the world. Steve recommended me some great books to read and online texts which I have never been into reading what so ever. Steve helped me tackle my thoughts and mindset and realise what they really are, he supported me throughout my darkest times and kept reminding me the past is just the past and we are living for the now and our future and what goals we have in life. I would more than recommend people to see steve about any issue in life they may have."
Seb Counsell
"Steve is absolutely amazing and the therapy he delivers. Very welcoming and myself and my daughter would recommend him to anybody. He has helped my daughter in ways even I did not think would be possible. Very good cost for an outstanding service. Steve does not rush and gives you so much time absolutely amazing and devoted man and service. Thank you Steve you have changed our lives."
Tracey Whitcombe
"Steve has been utterly amazing from the get go. He has gone above and beyond to try and help me with my anxiety. Steve was very welcoming and hospitable when I met him and the hour session turned into a two hour session as There was a lot to cover. I am hopefully going to have some more sessions with Steve, as we both feel we only scratched the surface. Even still, I feel more positive and see things in a slightly more positive view. I will update the review if we do more sessions of course."
Ruby-Yasmin Graham
"I've been taking with Steve for years. You won't find a better guy to help you out and sort through any kind of situation. Thanks Dr. Green (that's what I call him)."
Mike Tanner
"Following my sessions with Steve, I was able to move on from a very significant and close relationship that had just ended. I am able to see the whole relationship from a different perspective and feel much better about it..."
Matt H.
"I was facing being made redundant and was terrified of job interviews. After working with Steve, I breezed through 5 job interviews, and I received 5 job offers... "
"We both were engaged in behaviours that were impacting our physical health. Within a short space of time, we were both able to change these behaviours, and as a result found that we were expecting a new addition to the family a few months later. We had been trying for years... "
Brian & Sally


Through sessions working together with me, Steve Green, clients are often able to look at, gain some understanding of, and gain some clarity on, some of the choices, decisions and behaviours that they have experienced. You may also gain a different perspective on your current life situation.

All of this will take place within a non-judgemental, open, freely expressive and sharing setting and environment.

If you feel that you may benefit from some assistance and guidance with current life issues, and you would like to talk about it with someone trained to listen and to help, call Life Start and book your appointment today.